Timetable for Level One Arabic

Below is my timetable for Level 1 arabic in Madeenah University Ma’had. inshaAllaah I will post my timetable for each term so one may see what subjects are studied and benefit by implementing a similiar timetable and curriculm. Each term consists of 3 months including mid term and end of term exams.



Tadreebat: This is the core of the Madeenah books which we find in the west – the majority of it is nahw (grammar)
Ta’beer: This is explanation and speaking – it contains conversations and vocabulary
Quran: Self explanatory: hifdh and qirah (memorisation and reading). In first term we have to memorise from surah Alaq to surah Nas.
Kitabah: This is how to write

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
7:30am Tadreebat Tadreebat Qira’ah Ta’beer Quran
8:25am Tadreebat Qira’ah Tadreebat Tadreebat Ta’beer
9:15am Quran Qira’ah Tadreebat Tadreebat Ta’beer
9:35am Qir’ah Kitabah Quran Qira’ah Tadreebat
10:25am Ta’beer Quran Ta’beer Ta’beer Tadreebat
11:20am Ta’beer Tadreebat Kitabah Quran Kitabah
10:30pm Tadreebat Kitabah Ta’beer Quran Tadreebat


Arabic – Level One

In Madeenah University there is a arabic department for non arabic speakers – this is known as the “Mahad”. There are 4 levels: mustawa awal, mustawa thani, mustawa thalith, mustawa rab’i.

You can enter at whatever level you have learnt upto or start from the beggning. This is a pre requesite to the kulyah (faculty) and prepares the student of knowledge on his way to studying in the actula university.

Classes are mixed from all nationalities. There are 4 main books one goes through in level 1:

Tadreebat (this is grammer mainly)

Ta’beer (mainly conversation)

Qir’ah (comprehension)

Kitaabah (writing)

In adition to this you do hifdh of Quran – from Juzz Amma – surah Nas to Al Khalaq)