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Is blood Najas?

Is blood Najas?

The majority of scholars consider the blood that flows out of the body via blood vessels to be impure, except that they regard a small amount of such blood to be overlooked. The amount of blood that is considered to be a “small amount” is a matter of disagreement.

One opinion is that what constitutes a “small amount” or a “large amount” is defined by custom. Whatever people generally consider to be a large quantity will be considered as such, and whatever they generally regard as a small quantity will be considered as such. This is the opinion of the Hanbalî school of thought. This is generally the case with the Hanabilah when their books of fiqh mention small amount, it refers back to ‘urf.

Some of those who hold that human blood is impure claim that it is a matter of consensus (ijmâ`). This claim has been made by Ahmad b. Hanbal, by Ibn `Abd al-Barr in al-Tamhîd, and by al-Nawawî in al-Majmû`.

When Ahmad was asked about the purity of blood, he said: “Blood takes the same ruling as vomit.” He then went on to say: “Blood is a matter that people have not disagreed about, while vomit is something that they have disagreed about.” [Ibn Taymiyah, Sharh al-`Umdah (1/105)]

Ibn Hazm, in his book on matters of legal consensus, writes: “They are agreed that large amounts of blood are impure, regardless of what type of blood it is, with the exception of the blood of fish blood and the blood of animals whose blood does not flow.”

Al-Nawawî writes [al-Majmû` (2/511)]: “The evidences for blood’s impurity are quite obvious, and I do not know of any disagreement among Muslims about the matter, except what the author of al-Hâwî quoted from some of the scholastic theologians who claimed that blood was pure. However, the opinions of the scholastic theologians are not considered when determining whether there is consensus on a matter.”

Al-Qurtubî writes in his commentary on the Qur’ân: “Scholars are agreed that blood is unlawful, impure.”

Ibn Hajar writes in Fath al-Bârî (1/352): “There is agreement that blood is impure.”

Ibn al-Qayyim says the same in Badâ` al-Fawâ’id.