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Rawdah al-Naadhir | روضة الناظر وجنة المناظر

Rawdah al-Naadhir | روضة الناظر وجنة المناظر

Rawdah al Naadhir is a Usool al-Fiqh book according to the Hanbali madhab. It is the main Usool book taught at the Islamic University of Madeenah and is the core usool book for students in the faculty of Shariah. It is taught over the eight semesters.

“A work on the Islamic law sources, construction and interpretation of al-Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, by Ibn Qadamah al-Maqdisi (541-620)”

There are a number of explanations available including a 6 volume by al-Duwayhee but this breaks down the texts almost word for word and a lot of the explanation is language based. The best explanation I have found is the sharh by Shaykh Muhammed Mukhtar al-Shinqitee which was originally a mudhakhirah for students at the University but due to it’s immense benefit has been converted into a complete book.