Faculty of Shariah: Semester II

In the second semester of the faculty of Shariah in the Islamic University of Madeenah, we drop “History of Saudi Arabia” and “History of Fiqh” and pickup “Saheeh Bukharee” and “Tafseer”. The rest of the subjects remain and we continue from the same books we studied from in the Semester I.

For hadeeth studies we are studying the Saheeh of Imam Bukharee, including memorisation of 25 ahadeeth from his collection. Per semester for the next 6 semesters, we will be studying one book from the “Kutb Sitta” which are six books of hadeeth.

For Tafseer studies, we are studying from “Mukhtasar Ibn Katheer” by Shaykh Ahmed Shaakir which is a 3 volume concise version of Ibn Katheer’s original explanation of the Quran. What follows is my timetable.

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