How Little we Know

How little we know. On Friday, our Shaykh (hafidhahullah), Shaykh Muhammed Mukhtar al-Shinqitee delivered a lesson on the masalah (issue) of istiftah al-salah (the opening dua made at the beginning of prayer)

The shaykh doesn’t come to Madeenah as often these days. When I first arrived in Madeenah he used to come regularly, now he comes once a month, even if that, so the students try to make the most of the opportunities we get with him.

The shaykh mentioned over 10 masaail relating to the one issue of istiftah al-salah. Something we may see as simple, he spent an entire hour and a half on this issue; explaining the evidence for it, the importance of it, it’s place for performing it, exceptions for it, the differences of opinion over it and more. He even discussed issues that most of us haven’t even thought about such as: We know the dua should be read after the opening takbeer and before surah al-Fatihah, but during Eid salah on the first rakah, do we read the opening dua after the first takbeer or after the 7th?

It made me realise once again, just how vast Islamic knowledge really is. The more you learn, you more you realise how little you know.

Sufyaan al-Thawree said: “Knowledge is three hand-spans: the first breeds arrogance, the second breeds humility, and in the third, you realize you know nothing.

Link to a video I took of Shaykh Mukhtar Shinqitee’s class:

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