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Blessings of living in a Muslim country

Blessings of living in a Muslim country

From the blessings of living in a Muslim country is the ability to pray anywhere, at anytime and hearing the adhaan everywhere, 5 times a day, at the right time.

I was in a hospital in Madeenah in the waiting room at Maghrib time and wondering where the nearest Masjid was. Suddenly I heard the beautiful sound of the adhaan playing out loud on the hospital loudspeakers, echoing throughout the hospital. I got up to look for a place to pray thinking they must have a musalaa, so I went to the main reception to enquire. When I reached there I was surprised to see the workers had already laid out temporary prayer carpets to pray in the hall in the main entrance so we made a jamaa’ and prayed together.

Even though they close the shops at prayer time in Saudi Arabia, usually people spread out and go to different masaajid but in the hospital it felt different. In addition to the hospital being full of verses from the Quran reminding people health is from Allaah and He is the One who cures, it was beautiful to see doctors, pharmacists, cleaners, the sick and the healthy all praying side by side, stopping whatever they were doing to answer the call to prayer.

“And establish prayer and give zakah and bow with those who bow [in worship and obedience].” (Quran 2:43)