Barakah in Ramadaan

Barakah in Ramadaan. A masjid in Saudi Arabia has already completed the recitation of the Quran during Taraweeh…after only 3 nights! A news report found on mentions in masjid in the South West of Saudi Arabia is known for this and has once again stuck true to its tradition.

I know this is now a few days old and being the 7th of Ramadan today, they should have finished the Quran twice over now. The point is we read these stories from the salaf, how they would complete the Quran multiple times in Ramadaan and we may feel this is not possible for the likes of us. However, right here is proof that it is possible in this day and age with ikhlas and hard work.

It is related from Al-Rabî’ b. Sulaymân, “Muhammad b. Idrîs Al-Shâfi’î used to complete reciting the Quran in the month of Ramadan sixty times, all in the prayer.” [Ibid. 4:107]

It is reported that Al-Bukhârî used to complete a recitation [of the Quran] once a day in Ramadan, and would pray after Tarâwîh every night, completing another recitation every three nights. [Al-Dhahabî, Siyar A’lâm Al-Nubalâ` 12:439]

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