Quran Halaqah for Children in Masjid Nabawi

The Quran Halaqah for children in the Prophet’s Masjid in the blessed city of Madeenah runs daily for children aged from 5 years old and onwards. It is completely free of charge and operates 5 days a week (everyday except Friday and Saturday). To enroll your child, simply go to the office (near King Fahad gate as far as I remember) and ask them to enroll your child. All you need to bring is his Iqamah.

The children start with Qiraa’, learning how to read based on a book called “Qaidah Nooruniyah” and then move onto hifdh of the Qura’aan, then Ijazah in Qura’aan and then hifdh of Mutoon with Ijazah.

Today, the teachers were giving out small rewards of between 10 – 50 riyals for children who memorised parts of the Quran or who were progressing in their reading. It’s a small amount of money and their true reward lies with Allaah but the smiles on the faces of the children was priceless.

A fellow student from Madeenah Uni told me that Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Qasim, the Imam of the haram does the same. He walks around the children’s Halaqah listening to various children recite Quran and if they do well, he gives them some money as a gift and reward. The brother mentioned the shaykh starts the day with 1000riyals and before he finishes listening to all the children, he has no more riyals left!

The Messenger of Allaah ﷺ said: “Allaah is merciful to those who are merciful with others” (Bukhari)


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